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Premise Liability – Unsafe Premise Lawyer

Apartment Shooting Lawyer

There are few situations that can leave a person feeling more victimized than being assaulted where they live. Your home, wherever it may be, should be your place of safety. When a shooting occurs at your apartment home and you are injured or lose a loved one, you want justice. Not only do you want the shooter to be arrested and penalized for their crime, you want to know how this tragedy could have been prevented. In some cases, the apartment building owner could have done more to protect tenants and are partially to blame for apartment shootings.

There is no way any apartment building owner can promise absolute safety and security. There are situations that are outside of their control. However, it is their duty to provide a safe and secure premise for their tenants. When the proper measures are not in place and a shooting occurs, they could be liable for any injuries or death. Each case is different, and there are many factors that must be considered to determine whether an apartment building owner could share responsibility for a shooting on their property.

Premise Liability Lawsuits for Apartment Shootings

The focus of concern when an apartment shooting occurs is whether it could have been prevented. If the victim was shot by someone they knew or a guest in their home, then it is unlikely any type of security or safety measures would have helped. However, if there was not adequate lighting, security cameras or gates to keep out an intruder that committed a shooting on the apartment building premises, then there may be grounds to consider a premise liability lawsuit for injuries or losses caused by a shooting.

If you or a loved one was injured due to a shooting at your Atlanta apartment complex that you believe could have been prevented with better security, contact our team at Moriarty Injury Lawyer for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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