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Defective Products and Drug Lawsuits Lawyer

Defective Products and Drug Lawsuits Lawyer

All products, especially medical products and drugs, are expected to come with a reasonable amount of safety for the patients that use them. At the very least, any risk of possible injury needs to be disclosed to the patient to give them an opportunity to make an informed decision before using a medical product. When a product is defective or there is not an adequate disclosure of risks and the patient is injured, the manufacturer or medical professional can be liable for the damages caused by the product.

Drugs and medical products are required to undergo extensive testing for safety. However, there are times when manufacturers conceal possible risks, or the product is manufactured with defects that lead to injury. From undisclosed side effects of drugs to severe injuries from medical devices or procedures, patients can unsuspectingly become victims and suffer unnecessarily.

Harmful Medications and Medical Devices

It is tragic when a product or medication that promises benefits becomes the culprit of injury or death. Unfortunately, it is not rare. Many patients are prescribed drugs or receive medical devices that are defective or the possible risks are not revealed, until it is too late. Some of the recent lawsuits at Moriarty Injury Lawyer for defective products, harmful medications and medical devices include:

If you or a family member have used any of these products or drugs and had severe side effects or injury, you may be able to pursue a defective product lawsuit for financial compensation. Contact our legal team at Moriarty Injury Lawyer today, and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

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