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Medical Malpractice – Surgical Errors Atlanta, GA

Surgery has plenty of known risks, but when surgical errors occur, preventable injury or death can occur. Surgeons, anesthesiologists and other members of the surgical team are expected to perform their duties with the utmost care for the patient’s safety. Unfortunately, surgical errors and mistakes are not uncommon, even though the medical industry labels them as “never events” which should not ever occur. It is estimated that 4,000 or more of these “never events” happen each year in the U.S., resulting in many injuries and even death for the patients.

Routine procedures can prevent surgical errors, yet they continue to occur and can endanger patients. When one of these “never events” transpires during a surgical procedure, the patient and their family may not be immediately aware that a mistake was made. It can take research and exploration by a medical legal expert to uncover the surgical mistake and hold the medical professionals and facility accountable for the injury and expense to the patient and their family.

Types of Surgical Mistakes

There is an extensive list of “never events” that have been compiled by the medical industry in efforts to reduce preventable injuries during surgeries. Some of the most common issues that occur that can result in death or injury to the patient include:

If you or someone you love has been injured by a preventable surgical error or “never event,” there are options to pursue justice and compensation for injuries and loss. Our team at Moriarty Injury Lawyer has medical and legal experts that will help uncover the errors made and seek compensation for you and your family. Contact our office in Atlanta to schedule a free consultation to discuss your surgical error medical malpractice case.

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