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Bird and Lime Scooter Accidents Atlanta, GA

Bird and Lime Scooters Accident Injury Lawyer

As electric scooters become increasingly popular, reports of accidents and injuries involving these scooters also rise. Many Atlanta commuters are relying on motorized scooter companies such as Bird and Lime to get them around town. For a very small fee and downloaded app, users can hop on a Bird or Lime motorized scooter and simply leave it at their destination for the next person who needs one. While this may seem like a convenient and hassle-free mode of transportation, most riders, pedestrians and motorists are not aware of the serious risks these electric scooters pose.

Daniel Moriarty is an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help those injured by Bird and Lime scooters. Whether your accident involved lacerations, road rash, broken bones or a traumatic brain injury, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Our legal team brings a keen understanding of how to navigate Bird and Lime scooter accident lawsuits. We will work hard to hold the responsible party accountable for your scooter injuries as well as determine if negligence was a contributing factor.

The Serious Risks of Electric Scooter Transportation

Bird and Lime market their scooters as a safe means of transportation. This makes it is easy for users to commit to the rental without carefully considering the potential risks and danger involved.

Not only can an electric scooter itself be a hazardous mode of transportation with its high center of gravity and unsteady wheels, but the way these Bird and Lime scooters are being used through busy Atlanta streets is even more dangerous. The narrow and low profile of an electric scooter sharing the road with aggressive motorists is just one of the serious risks involved.

  • Scooter Malfunction/Lack of Maintenance – Defective and poorly maintained scooters are a primary contributor to these types of accidents. Bird and Lime scooters are rented in “as is” condition, despite the malfunction or damage that may have occurred during the previous rider’s experience. Just like any other type of motorized vehicle, scooters have several working parts that must be maintained and in good condition in order to operate safely, including tires, breaks and steering mechanisms.
  • Sidewalk Riding and Pedestrian Collisions – Most Bird and Lime scooters can achieve a top speed of 15 mph, which is undoubtedly enough to cause serious injuries to riders and pedestrians during a collision. Scooter accidents are especially common when riders use the sidewalk, which is all too common and not currently prohibited.
  • Inexperienced, Unprotected and Uninsured Scooter Riders – In order to rent a Bird and Lime scooter, riders are not required to have insurance, experience or even a license. They are also not required to wear a helmet. This can pose many risks to the rider as well as those sharing a road or sidewalk with these unprepared scooter riders. Accidents are more likely to occur due to failure to comply with basic traffic laws or riding on the wrong side of the street.

Our Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Most scooter companies do require a signed liability waiver in case of an accident. However, that doesn’t mean that other parties cannot be held responsible for your injuries. At the office of Daniel Moriarty, we investigate drivers, pedestrians and road maintenance entities that may have violated their responsibilities on the road and contributed to your electric scooter accident. If you have suffered an injury in a Bird or Lime scooter collision, we encourage you to seek medical attention promptly and get contact information from any eyewitnesses.

At our Atlanta law firm, we have a personal injury attorney who will work tirelessly to investigate your case, uphold your rights and help you recover compensation for pain/suffering, lost wages, emotional trauma, medical bills and other serious losses from your scooter wreck. Contact our Bird and Lime scooter accident injury lawyer today for a consultation!

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