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Full Mouth Reconstruction is Causing Pain and Discomfort Atlanta, GA
A woman suffering from dental pain.

When a full mouth reconstruction results in you feeling less than able to smile, there is obviously a problem. Dental patients, who may have extensive oral health issues, whether due to disease or an accident, might need complete restoration procedures that would affect all the teeth. This type of treatment is intended to restore both the aesthetics and function of the teeth, but sometimes can result in unexpected and unnecessary pain and discomfort. This may be a case of dental malpractice.

Pain & Discomfort

After such a significant amount of dental work, you should expect pain and discomfort for a period of time. However, when these issues persist long after the typical timeframe, it may point to dental malpractice. You trust your dentist to carry out all procedures with the greatest of care, but sometimes even the best dentistry professionals can make mistakes.

Typical causes of pain and discomfort may include nerve damage, fractured bone or restored teeth that are the wrong size or shape. If your smile reconstruction is making your life miserable, the procedures you endured may not have been worth the pain and suffering you are now permanently facing.

Infection or Tooth Loss

In many cases, infection or tooth loss can happen due to the presence of bacteria in the mouth or a non-viable restoration. Patients often attribute these complications to bad luck. However, there is also the possibility that the dentist did not take all necessary steps to avoid infection or tooth loss. You have the right to expect the highest level of care from your dentist when receiving a full smile reconstruction.

Tools that are not properly sterilized can cause infections and tooth loss. A dentist should also provide patients with instructions on how to care for teeth after a full smile reconstruction to avoid running into these issues. If you feel that your dentist has been negligent in any way, you do have the right to sue for compensation.

Call the offices of Moriarty Injury Lawyer if you believe you have a case for dental malpractice. We can provide a consultation based on the merits of your case.

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