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Have You Been Harmed at Home? Atlanta, GA
Injured at Home Atlanta GA

We all consider our homes to be our safe havens. Home is the place we go to escape the demands of the world and relax with our families and loved ones. But what if your landlord does not properly care for your property? You have the right to expect your rental property to be maintained so you can feel safe in your home.

What Is the Landlord’s Responsibility?

According to Georgia law, property owners must maintain safe premises for their tenants. This includes making necessary repairs to the structure, and to ensure that floors, walls, stairs or other parts of the structure are safe. The landlord must also properly maintain any common indoor or outdoor living areas such as stairwells, hallways and elevators. Utilities like electricity and sanitation are also included in the landlord’s responsibility, as are sidewalks, parking lots and other areas of approach to the property.

Is the Landlord in Possession?

Georgia law differentiates between a landlord “in possession” or “out of possession” for purposes of liability. If the landlord is “out of possession,” this means that he or she is only liable for defective construction or failure to keep the premises in repair. This is the case for landlords who own the property, but do not manage the day-to-day control of the property. “In possession” means that the landlord either lives on the property or plays an active role in managing the property, either by doing repair work themselves or by directly supervising the work. In this case, the “in possession” landlord bears more responsibility for accidents on the property.

If you or a loved one has been injured by faulty construction or by the lack of repairs to your rental home, you may be entitled to compensation. The legal team at Moriarty Injury Lawyer can evaluate your case and help you find the resolution you deserve. Call us today for a consultation.

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