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Is It Dental Malpractice? Atlanta, GA
Dental Malpractice Atlanta GA

When you visit the dentist for a procedure, you expect that you will receive proper care. But what if you become injured? It is important to understand the meaning of dental malpractice under the law, and how you can protect yourself.

Dental Malpractice Defined

Dental malpractice is negligent harm to a dental patient. This negligence can take many forms, including:

  • Failure to diagnose or treat a dental condition
  • Delayed diagnosis or oral disease
  • Intentional misconduct on the part of the dentist
  • Failure to get your consent for a procedure
  • Improper administration of anesthesia
  • Nerve injuries caused by dental injections
  • Wrongful death as a result of a dental procedure or oral surgery

These negligent acts can have devastating consequences, including scarring or disfigurement, uncontrolled bleeding, permanent nerve damage, heart attack or stroke or even death.

How to Prevent Malpractice

There are ways you can protect yourself from falling victim to dental malpractice. First, before you make an appointment, do some investigating. A quick online search can reveal quite a bit of information. Read reviews to locate qualified, experienced dentists in your area. Check the American Dental Association’s state dental board website to verify dental credentials. If you feel uncomfortable during your appointment, do not feel obligated to stay. It is always best to trust your gut. If something feels off, there is likely a problem.

Possible Compensation for Dental Malpractice

Depending on your case, dental malpractice compensation may include:

  • Compensation for medical bills related to the malpractice
  • Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the case
  • Pain and suffering compensation
  • Coverage for future medical expenses related to the injury

You have the right to proper dental care, and to trust your dentist to perform your procedure with professionalism and skill. If you believe you are the victim of dental malpractice, you do not have to suffer alone. Contact the legal team at Moriarty Injury Lawyer today to schedule your consultation.

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