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Risks Associated with Forceps Use During Childbirth Atlanta, GA
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During childbirth, the delivering doctor may recommend assistance if labor isn’t progressing, the mother is becoming too tired or the baby needs to be delivered quickly. One way to speed up a vaginal delivery is with forceps that cradle the baby’s head and guide it through the birth canal while the mother pushes during a contraction. However, while sometimes necessary, the use of forceps is not without risk.

During Delivery

There is a chance of tears during a vaginal delivery, but the risk greatly increases if forceps are used. Your doctor may reduce the risk of a tear by performing an episiotomy, which is an incision designed to aid a difficult delivery. Episiotomies are much more common with deliveries requiring forceps and can make recovery uncomfortable. There is also a larger chance of uterine rupture with the use of forceps. This tear in the wall of the uterus can allow the baby or placenta to enter the abdominal cavity.


There are some postpartum risks associated with a routine vaginal delivery, such as weakened pelvic muscles and urinary incontinence. These risks increase with subsequent pregnancies but can be short- or long-term. The likelihood of experiencing these issues increases with the use of forceps, however. Additional risks can include injuries to the bladder, urethra or even the rectal wall. These injuries can take time to heal or may cause irreparable damage.

To the Baby

Injuries to the baby are very rare but can be mild and temporary or more severe and life-long. Minor facial injuries or weaknesses usually heal or resolve shortly after birth and are the most common. A skull fracture is much more serious and may result in brain damage or seizures.

If you or your baby have been injured during childbirth and forceps were used, you should know your options. Schedule your consultation with the skilled legal team at Moriarty Injury Lawyer today to discuss them.

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