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Bradycardia Birth Injury Lawyer

It is a standard procedure to monitor the baby’s heartbeat during the labor and birthing process. Fetal monitoring allows the delivery team to evaluate changes in the heartbeat and identify any concerns of fetal distress. One of the signs of fetal distress is fetal bradycardia, a slowing of the fetal heartbeat. When medical professionals do not react correctly when fetal bradycardia occurs, it can cause serious medical issues for the unborn child that may be preventable.

A fetus’ heartbeat is normally 120 beats per minute or more. When this rate slows below 110 for ten minutes or more, or below 100 for five minutes, this is an indication of bradycardia and should be alerting the medical team that something is wrong. A slow heartbeat is an indicator of fetal distress, often meaning the baby is not getting enough oxygen to the brain. Presence of bradycardia should send the medical team into exploratory mode to determine what is causing the issue and if a c-section or early delivery is needed to prevent injury to the child.

What Causes Fetal Bradycardia?

Not all cases of fetal bradycardia are caused by birthing issues. Some medications that are given to the mother can cause bradycardia, but it is always important for the medical team to ensure no other type of fetal distress is occurring. Umbilical cord compression or other obstructions that cause lack of oxygen to the brain can be the cause of bradycardia. If not resolved quickly, bradycardia can quickly become a case of birth asphyxia, endangering the child’s life and health.

Fetal bradycardia can be the first indication that something is wrong with the fetus during labor. If the medical team does not act accordingly, it can lead to serious birth injuries. If you have a child that was injured during childbirth and bradycardia occurred, it is important to talk to a legal and medical expert to determine whether medical malpractice may have occurred. Contact our team at Moriarty Injury Lawyer to schedule a free consultation to explore your options.

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