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Failure to Diagnose Cancer Lawyer

Cancer can be silent and seem to come out of nowhere, turning your life upside down. While a diagnosis of cancer can be devastating, with early detection and treatment, many cancers have a high prognosis of recovery for the patient. What is worse than diagnosis is not having the disease detected when it should have been by your doctor or medical team. If it isn’t detected, it gives you less options when it comes to fighting this deadly disease. Failure to diagnose cancer can be cause for a medical malpractice law case in certain circumstances.

Not all cancer has distinguishable signs or symptoms that should alert medical professionals. Cancer can be growing and spreading without any outward signs and only becomes apparent at the later stages. Depending on the type of cancer, it may not be able to be detected with a routine exam or even blood testing. This is unfortunate, but it is not expected that a medical professional can anticipate all cancers or prescribe the testing needed for diagnosis. However, there are cases when symptoms are present and further testing should be administered.

When Is Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer Medical Negligence?

Even though some cancers are inconspicuous, others have tell-tale signs. Changes in blood counts, unexplained weight changes, pain and other symptoms brought to the attention of a physician should be indicators that something is wrong. While they may not know it is cancer, they should be performing the needed tests. Failure to diagnose a health issue that is presenting symptoms can be a case of medical negligence. This includes not performing or ordering the needed tests or procedures and/or misdiagnosing the results of the tests. This can result in failure to diagnose or a delayed diagnosis that can reduce the chance for effective treatment, impacting the health and lifespan of the patient.

If you have cancer that was not diagnosed in a timely manner and you believe medical negligence is involved, contact Moriarty Injury Lawyer to discuss your case during a free consultation. You may be able to receive compensation to help you fight your cancer and pay for medical costs due to the harm caused by medical malpractice by your health provider.

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