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Chiropractor Malpractice Lawyer

Chiropractic Induced Stroke Lawyer

One serious and possibly fatal risk from chiropractic care is an induced stroke. When incorrect adjustments and manipulations occur in the cervical or neck region, arteries can be damaged, and a stroke can follow. Chiropractors are held to the same standards as other medical professionals when it comes to injuries caused by negligent care. When a chiropractic-induced stroke caused through negligence results in injury or death, the chiropractor is liable and can be sued for damages.

A stroke results when a blockage occurs in the arteries to the brain, cutting off the oxygen supply. Most commonly this is caused by blood clots. When reckless methods are used in chiropractic treatments in the neck or cervical region, arteries and the brain stem can be damaged. This can lead to arterial bleeding that can form a blood clot, depriving the brain of oxygen and leading to a stroke. When this occurs through negligent techniques or the chiropractor does not warn their patient about the risks, a stroke induced by chiropractic treatments can be cause for a chiropractor malpractice lawsuit.

Dangers of Stroke from Chiropractic Treatment

There is no way to know how many strokes have been caused by chiropractic treatment. Until recently, the link between the two was not recognized. A patient can receive chiropractic treatment and feel fine when they leave, even if artery damage occurred. There may be no signs or symptoms in the following days or even weeks while the artery bleeds and forms a blood clot. When the stroke occurs, the chiropractic treatment can seem completely unrelated, but that is not always the case.

Any type of stroke can be deadly, but even those that live can face paralysis, brain damage and many other disabilities. Medical treatments, rehabilitation and loss of income can be a financial burden. If you or a loved one has had a stroke that you believe was induced by chiropractic treatment, schedule a consultation with our legal team at Moriarty Injury Lawyer. You may have grounds for a chiropractor malpractice lawsuit to gain compensation for your damages.

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