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Accident Lawsuit Lawyer

Drunk Boating and Jet Ski Accidents Lawyer

Spending the day boating, swimming or jet skiing should be a memorable experience, but not because it was the day you were injured. When a negligent operator of a boat or jet ski causes an accident, just like on land, they are liable. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a boat or jet ski accident caused by the operator of the water vehicle, you deserve to be compensated for your injury.

Water accidents can be extremely dangerous. Not only is there the possibility of injury from impact, but there is also the risk of drowning and oxygen deprivation. Operators of boats and jet skis need to maneuver safely to prevent collision. If they have been drinking or are performing reckless stunts and cause an accident, they should be held liable for their actions.

Pursuing a Water Vehicle Accident

Whether you are in the water or in another water vehicle when the accident occurs, the person responsible for the accident is responsible if you are injured. Just like an auto accident, your attorney can pursue financial damages to cover medical expenses, time lost from work and other financial considerations. You need an experienced attorney to research the details and pursue the best outcome for your case. Our team at Moriarty Injury Lawyer can obtain the best results for your boating or jet ski accident, getting you the financial compensation needed when you have been the victim of a water vehicle accident.

When you are recovering from a boating or jet ski accident in the Atlanta area, contact our team at Moriarty Injury Lawyer. We offer free consultations to discuss your case with no obligation to you. We have the expertise and experience you need to fight your case and receive the compensation you deserve.

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