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Hypoxia Birth Injury Lawyer

When not enough oxygen is delivered to the brain and tissues of the body, a state of hypoxia occurs. This oxygen deprivation can occur for many reasons. In childbirth, it is usually related to asphyxia, which is when something was blocking the oxygen from reaching the brain. Hypoxia, birth asphyxia and hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) are all relatable terms when it comes to childbirth brain injuries, all resulting from a lack of oxygen reaching the baby’s brain prior and during delivery. When hypoxia-caused birth injuries could have been prevented, it can be a case of medical malpractice.

Lack of oxygen can cause injury in anyone, but for a fetus in the stages of coming into the world, it can be disastrous. The body and brain of the fetus are under stress as it begins the process of leaving the protected environment of the womb, and deprivation of oxygen only makes the journey more dangerous. Fetal heart monitoring during labor is used to detect any signs of hypoxia or asphyxiation. The heart can slow and alert the medical professionals of a problem. When the signs of hypoxia are present, yet the delivery team does not react quickly, this is when birth injuries like brain damage can occur.

Causes of Hypoxia During Childbirth

There are numerous reasons hypoxia can occur during childbirth. Problems with the placenta, umbilical cord, position of the fetus, maternal infection and many other issues can interrupt oxygen delivery and lead to hypoxia. While many of these issues are not under control of the medical team, reacting to fetal distress is one of the ways to prevent injury due to hypoxia. Inducing delivery or opting for a C-section to save a child suffering from fetal distress can reduce the chance of injury. When the medical team does not perform the standard procedures for fetal distress or hypoxia and injury occurs, this can be medical negligence.

If your child has a brain injury or did not survive delivery due to hypoxia, there could be a possibility of medical malpractice. To discuss your case and determine whether a different outcome was possible if the medical team followed the correct procedures, contact our experienced legal team at Moriarty Injury Lawyer. We can explore your options and help you decide whether pursuing financial compensation is in you and your family’s best interest.

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