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Mirena® Lawsuit Lawyer

Have you used the birth control device Mirena® and experienced serious health complications? Mirena® IUDs have received tens of thousands of complaints to the FDA due to adverse side effects and injuries. This small plastic birth control device has been available in the U.S. since 2000, but now the possible risks of using this method of birth control are becoming known as more victims come forward. If you have been injured due to using Mirena®, you may be eligible to receive compensation through a defective product lawsuit.

What is Mirena®?

Mirena® is a plastic IUD that is inserted into the uterus and releases a synthetic form of progestin, levonorgestrel. The device is suggested for women who want a long-term form of birth control, as the results can last up to five years. Mirena® is meant to stay in the uterus until it is removed, but it has been known to become dislodged and migrate, causing serious health complications.

Injuries from Mirena®

The most serious issues and injuries that have been caused by Mirena® may require surgery to remedy. The device can become imbedded in the uterus and need to be surgically removed. It also has the potential to move and migrate, causing scar tissue and possible damage to other organs, including organ perforation. Those who are pursuing lawsuits against the makers of Mirena® allege that the high risk of these complications was not revealed before they had the device inserted. The pain and injury caused by this birth control device vary, with some victims receiving irreversible damage due to the use of Mirena®. Mirena® has also been linked to PTC, a type of pseudotumor in the brain that can lead to vision and head pain problems.

If you have used Mirena® and needed to have it surgically removed or suffered painful side effects, contact our team at Moriarty Injury Lawyer today. Our legal team can discuss your case and the possibility of pursuing a lawsuit for compensation.

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