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Premise Liability – Unsafe Premise Lawyer

Negligent Security Lawsuit Lawyer

Businesses have a duty to their customers and patrons to provide a safe and secure place. Proper lighting, security cameras and secured doors deter criminals and prevent assaults. When a business fails to provide a safe environment for their employees and customers with proper security, they may be liable for injuries that occur on their property. Negligent security can lead to a premise liability lawsuit for damages from the victims of assaults.

There are many environments favorable to criminals. Whether it is to rob or assault a victim, a dark secluded place is the perfect setting. A parking lot without proper lighting or cameras is ideal to hide in the shadows and wait for a victim. Stairwells that are dark and unmonitored are another favorite area to wait for a victim. Motels without security doors to keep out intruders are another example of a lack in security that can lead to assault.

Premise Liability Assault Lawsuits

If you are attacked and injured on a commercial property and there was inadequate security to prevent the assault, the property owner could be liable. When there are no security precautions put in place to discourage criminal behavior like cameras, secure doors, lighting and alarms, it is an open invitation for criminal behavior. This is especially true in areas where crime is high, or where businesses that have had previous problems with assaults and attacks on their property. By not helping prevent the crimes, the property or business owners are accepting liability for injuries that occur and can be legally responsible for paying for injuries.

If you have been attacked or sexually assaulted resulting in physical or emotional injury, contact our legal experts at Moriarty Injury Lawyer today. We can discuss your options, including pursuing compensation for your premise liability injury that was caused by negligent security.

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