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Anesthesia Overdose Error Lawyer

Whenever a patient is to receive anesthesia, especially general anesthesia, there is a small amount of risk. However, most complications from anesthesia are rare, unless there is an error on the part of the medical professionals administering the anesthesia. The correct dosage is critical, and this changes from patient to patient, depending on their health, age, weight and other factors. Overdosage is one of the most likely culprits of injury and death from anesthesia errors.

A study of anesthesia-related deaths over seven years was published in the Medical Journal of Anesthesiology in 2009, revealing that overdose was a key factor in anesthesia deaths. Also, 46.6% of the 2,211 deaths linked to anesthesia between 1999-2005 were from overdose. This was higher than any other factor and a cause for concern. In addition to deaths, many victims suffer from brain and other injuries from too much anesthesia that can cause long-term side effects and disabilities.

How Does Anesthesia Overdose Occur?

Anesthesia is a complicated process, which is why there is usually at least one person on a surgical team dedicated to monitoring the dosage and effects on the patient. The dose needs to be tailored to the patient based on their size, age, medical conditions and more. Maintaining the correct dosage to keep a patient in the desired state can mean switching them back and forth between inhalation agents. The machine that delivers the anesthesia must be working correctly and emitting the right dose. The anesthesiologist must carefully monitor the patient for adverse reactions. Overdose can occur when any of these factors are missed, a dangerous error for the patient.

Anesthesia overdose can cause death, brain injuries and many other health problems. If you have lost a loved one to an anesthesia overdose or have injuries from too much anesthesia during a surgery, contact us at Moriarty Injury Lawyer. We offer a free consultation to discuss your anesthesia overdose case and the viable options for seeking compensation.

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