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Paralysis Following Anterior Cervical Disc Fusion (ACDF) Atlanta, GA

Paralysis Following Anterior Cervical Disc Fusion (ACDF) Lawyer

When a cervical disc is damaged due to degenerative disease or herniation, it can put pressure on the nerves and spinal cord, cause pain, weakness and numbness. When surgery is the best option for treatment, anterior cervical disc fusion or ACDF is often used, removing the damaged disc and fusing the vertebrae for stability. Unfortunately, this common procedure can go wrong, and when surgical mistakes are made, paralysis can be the outcome for the patient.

Any surgery has risks and potential complications. It is crucial to understand these possibilities when considering the consequences of surgery. Orthopedic surgeons that perform ACDF surgery should explain the risks of the procedure, but when injury occurs due to incompetence or errors, it is no longer a “complication” of surgery. This can be medical negligence, and this is often the case when paralysis occurs with ACDF surgery.

Spinal Cord Injury from ACDF

ACDF surgery involves repairs close to the spinal cord. Any injury to the spinal cord can result in dire consequences for the patient. It can cause weakness, pain, loss of sensation or paralysis. The extent of the paralysis depends on how much damage is done to the spinal cord or nerve roots. It can be localized paralysis or impact any appendages or organs below the point of injury.

Vocal cord paralysis is a common complication of ACDF, but that does not mean it should be an accepted risk. While most vocal cord paralysis and injury from ACDF heal over time, that is not always the case. If injury to the vocal cords was preventable and a surgical mistake occurred, this could be medical malpractice.

For those that have undergone ACDF surgery and experienced any type of paralysis as a result, contact our team at Moriarty Injury Lawyer today. We can look at your case and help you determine whether you have legal options to receive compensation for your injuries caused by your surgery.

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