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Placental Abruption Atlanta, GA

Placental Abruption Birth Injury Lawyer

When the placenta that nourishes the fetus prematurely separates, serious injury can occur to both the pregnant mother and unborn child. This occurrence is referred to as placental abruption and only occurs in about one-percent of pregnancies, with a higher percentage for high-risk pregnancies. The danger to the fetus is loss of oxygen and nourishment, which can cause termination of the pregnancy. For the pregnant women, they can be in danger of hemorrhaging and blood loss.

Placental abruption usually occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy but can occur as soon as the fifth month. The symptoms include bleeding, abdominal pain and preterm labor, but bleeding is the most common occurrence. When this occurs, the placenta can be partially separated; the fetus can still receive the nourishment it needs if at least 40% of the connection is still in place. However, if a doctor does not diagnose the issue, this separation can continue and put the child and mother at risk.

Misdiagnosis of Placental Abruption

When placental abruption is misdiagnosed, it is possible the child will not survive, and the mother could endure the risk of excessive bleeding and miscarriage. When placental abruption occurs, often the only solution is delivering the child prematurely through cesarean section. This can ensure the child can receive the oxygen and nutrients it needs to continuing developing outside the womb. Unfortunately, there are many circumstances where doctors ignore the signs of placental abruption and death or injury are the result.

If you experienced placenta abruption that was misdiagnosed, leading to injury to you or your child or the tragic loss of your child, please contact us at Moriarty Injury Lawyer today. You may be able to pursue a medical malpractice case for financial compensation for the grave error made by your doctor.

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