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One of the possible complications that can occur during an upper wisdom tooth removal or upper molar root canal is sinus perforation. This is a known complication and is not necessarily a case of dental negligence in and of itself. However, if not recognized or diagnosed when it occurs, it can lead to sinus and other health issues, which can be considered dental negligence and result in pain and suffering for the patient.

The sinus cavity and the roots of the upper molars are extremely close in proximity. In some cases, the roots of the back molars, like wisdom teeth, may even extend into the sinus cavity. When one of these back molars are extracted or wisdom teeth are removed, it is possible to create a hole between the tooth socket and the sinus cavity called an oroantral fistula or sinus perforation. This can also occur during root canal surgeries on the back upper molars. If detected, the dentist can suture the opening or give post-care instructions to allow the opening to close and heal, preventing any further problems.

When Is Sinus Perforation Dental Negligence?

Everything should be done to prevent sinus perforation, but it is not always possible if the molar roots reach the wall of the sinus cavity. What constitutes dental negligence is when the dentist does not realize the opening has occurred or does not inform the patient to prevent further damage. Sinus perforations can lead to serious sinus infections and other health problems. A chronic sinus infection can accelerate or exacerbate existing coronary artery disease or a cardiovascular issue, leading to serious health problems.

If a sinus perforation occurred during your dental procedure, you may notice a strange taste in your mouth, prolonged pain or infection. You should get medical attention and may need further treatment to close the space to prevent further infection or health issues. If you want to explore the possibility of a dental malpractice lawsuit for your sinus perforation injury, contact Moriarty Injury Lawyer today for a free consultation.

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