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One rare and potentially dangerous complication of root canal therapy or treatment is subcutaneous emphysema. This condition occurs when air or gas is introduced to the soft tissue during the procedure and is trapped under the skin. If diagnosed and treated quickly, it can be dissipated. However, if the dentist does not recognize the signs and leaves the pocket of air and gases in the tissue, it can become a danger to the health of the patient.

It is important to understand that complications can occur during any dental procedure that are not necessarily negligence or dental malpractice. These complications are known by the dentist, and the patient should be monitored for possibilities of occurrence. Negligence or malpractice occurs with dental treatment complications when they are not diagnosed or recognized to ensure the proper treatment, which is the case with subcutaneous emphysema.

Health Risks from Subcutaneous Emphysema

One of the ways subcutaneous emphysema occurs during dental procedures, like root canals, is the use of pressurized air. The air can become introduced and trapped in the tissue. This can lead to the air permeating the fascia tissue and spreading, leading to a subcutaneous emphysema and in rare cases, a life-threatening air embolism that can enter the bloodstream. When detected immediately, it can be treated. The patient is likely to recover without any further health complications. If not, there can be serious, even fatal, health impacts which may be cause for a dental malpractice lawsuit.

If you have health complications due to a subcutaneous emphysema post root canal that was not disclosed or treated by your dentist, you may be a victim of dental negligence. To discuss your case, contact Moriarty Injury Lawyer for a free consultation. You may be eligible to gain compensation for medical and other expenses incurred due to your injury.

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