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Systemic Infection – Oral Infections Lawyer

Most people understand that any infection can be dangerous. When an infection stays in a localized area, it can still present risks to the tissues or organ it affects. However, when the infection escapes the confines of a localized area and enters the bloodstream, it can become a systemic infection or sepsis, meaning it can impact all the systems of the body. These are the most dangerous infections and can be started with an oral infection caused by dental negligence.

Oral infections can occur with many dental procedures, but they should be prevented whenever possible. Dentists should be using sterilized instruments and materials to minimize the possibility of bacteria entering tissue. Often antibiotics will be prescribed as a precautionary measure after an invasive procedure such as tooth extractions, root canals or gum disease treatments. In addition, instructions from the dental team should include what signs of infection to look for after treatment to avoid complications from infection.

When Is Systemic Infection Dental Negligence?

A local oral infection that progresses to a systemic infection or sepsis can be extremely dangerous. Infection is a possible complication of dental procedures, but when the infection is not diagnosed during post-procedure exams or regular checkups, it can become a serious health risk. If it becomes a systemic infection or sepsis, it can lead to organ damage, chronic pain and fatigue and other chronic conditions. Controlling and treating infections is considered a standard process of care for all medical and dental professionals, which is why not recognizing the signs and using preventive measures or establishing treatment can be a case of dental negligence and malpractice.

If you have sustained a serious oral infection, sepsis or systemic infection due to dental negligence, please contact us at Moriarty Injury Lawyer. Our legal experts can discuss whether you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries from oral infection dental negligence.

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