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Unnecessary Surgery Atlanta, GA

Unnecessary Surgery Lawyer

Any surgery has risks involved. Since medical professionals are expected to protect the health of their patients, it would be expected that surgery would only be recommended as a necessary treatment to protect health. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Many patients undergo risky and unnecessary surgeries that can endanger their health, as well as deplete their bank account. When medical professionals recommend and perform these unnecessary surgeries, they are committing a form of medical malpractice.

Even outpatient surgeries have risks. Infection, anesthesia and other health risks are present with almost any surgery. The more invasive the surgery, the higher the risks are for the patient. When a physician or surgeon recommends a surgery for treatment as the best option when it is not necessary, or there are other less risky options available, they are performing a disservice to their patient. Not only do surgeries put the patient at higher risk of health problems, they can also cause a financial burden on the patient and their family.

When Surgery Is Not Needed

Most people want to trust their physician to give them the best advice. Unfortunately, there are financial benefits for medical professionals to perform surgeries that are not needed. Putting a patient at risk and charging them for a surgery that has little to no benefit for their health is dishonest and can cause harm. Misinformation is often the culprit. Patients are not informed of all their options and surgery is touted as their sole solution. They may be harmed both physically and financially from this lack of care on the part of their medical professional, which is a form of medical negligence.

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