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Did a Drunk Boater Ruin Your Summer? Atlanta, GA
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Enjoying time on the water is a perfect way to spend a summer’s day in Georgia, unless you are a victim of a drunk boating accident. If you were out on Lake Lanier or one of the many other popular lakes in Georgia and were injured by a boat or jet ski driven by a drunk person, you have rights under Georgia law. Our legal team at Moriarty Injury Lawyers in Atlanta can help you build a case to recover compensation for your boating injury.

Just like vehicles on the road, boats and water vessels can be dangerous when operated by an intoxicated individual. Boating accidents are all too common during the summer months and many in Georgia involve alcohol. When a boater makes the decision to drive their vessel after drinking too much alcohol, they have crossed the negligence line. If a boating accident occurs, they are likely to blame for any damage or injuries that occur, and they may be liable to pay the victim compensation.

Georgia Drunk Boating Laws

Georgia law for operating a vehicle while intoxicated applies to boats and personal water crafts (PWCs). Boating Under the Influence, or BUIs, can be issued to individuals over 21 years of age that have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or above and only .02% for those under the age of 21. While these are the limits for BUI arrests, anyone who has been drinking and causes an injury accident on the water may be liable for their actions, regardless of their BAC.

Water or boat injuries can be significant. Not only can you sustain trauma to your body, if you are unconscious or go under water, you could suffer oxygen deprivation or brain injuries. These serious injuries can require extensive medical care, impacts to your job, income loss and pain or suffering. If a drunk boater is to blame, you deserve the chance to seek compensation for your injuries.

If this was a summer you would like to forget due to a serious injury from a drunk or other negligent boating accident, contact us at the office of Moriarty Injury Lawyer. Call our legal team in Atlanta to schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your case.

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