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Overprescribing Medications for Elderly Patients Atlanta, GA
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Overprescribing Medications for Elderly Patients

Medication Errors Atlanta GA

Overprescribing medications does not always refer to taking too much of a single drug. Patients with complex medical needs are also at risk of side effects from mixing drugs. When your general practitioner or a healthcare provider in another setting prescribes medications, they have a duty of care to ensure overprescribing does not occur. The…

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Whistleblower/Qui Tam Lawsuits

Attorney in Library Atlanta, GA

When it comes to whistleblowing, one needn’t look far, as current headlines surrounding Theranos and its CEO Elizabeth Holmes demonstrate that reporting misconduct does make a difference. By all accounts, speaking up when something is ethically or legally wrong can upend a company’s bottom line, as explained by Marketplace online. Yet, being a whistleblower is…

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Unsafe Premises

Scales of Justice Atlanta GA

While holiday shoppers and visitors crowd the streets of Atlanta this month, property and business owners must take into consideration the safety of those that are welcomed or invited onto their property. A full inspection of a premise should be performed, and any dangers should be corrected or blocked off in an attempt to prevent…

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Have You Been Harmed Following A Chiropractic Adjustment?

Man Grasping Back in Pain From Chiropractor Atlanta GA

Under the premise that proper alignment of the spine and musculoskeletal structure enables the body to heal itself naturally, chiropractic therapy is a pain relief alternative involving hands-on manipulation or “adjustments.” Generally speaking, chiropractic care is safe and effective, when delivered by a qualified chiropractor that considers a patient’s complete health history and other conditions.…

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Premises Liability

Scales of Justice Atlanta GA

Imagine that you are walking into an office building when you slip and fall on a wet or icy surface on the sidewalk, resulting in a serious back injury. In turn, suppose you are working next to a construction site, and you become ill after being exposed to toxic fumes or chemicals. Moreover, what if…

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When A Dentist Fails To Deliver Antibiotics Following A Tooth Extraction

Closeup young woman face worried girl suffering from tooth pain

Given the latest advancements in dentistry, it may appear that going to the dentist is safer than ever before. Yet, providing effective dental care is about more than new-age methods and tools. The Expert Institute documents the case of a 60-year-old female with a history of alcoholism. Previously, she received a total hip replacement. Following…

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The Devastation Of A Delayed Diagnosis

Prescription Pills

Without question, failure to recognize a condition or a delay in diagnosis can significantly affect one’s quality of life, and may even end in death. Such is the case with a spinal epidural abscess. Though a rare condition, it can prove devastating, particularly when it remains undetected and treatment is not administered early. Unfortunately, spinal…

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Injured In A Reckless Driving Accident?

Modern car accident involving two cars on the road

From driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol to traffic violations, excessive speeding, texting or tailgating, there are a number of factors that may result in reckless driving accidents throughout Atlanta. While many “reckless drivers” do not drive with the intent to harm another individual, however, they are often labeled as reckless or aggressive…

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