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The Consequences of Dental Malpractice Atlanta, GA
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The Consequences of Dental Malpractice

A woman suffering from dental pain.

We usually trust our dentist to care for our teeth and treat any problems. However, like any other doctor, dentists can make mistakes. Malpractice still occurs even though dental procedures are generally safe. What Is Dental Malpractice? Dental malpractice is one type of medical malpractice. To file a lawsuit against your dentist, you must demonstrate…

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Is Your Child a Victim of Medical Malpractice?

Father holding and kissing his baby.

One of the most significant moments in a parent’s life is the birth of their child. However, when an infant suffers a birth injury, what should be a joyful occasion is often marred by shock and fear instead. The medical staff’s responsibility is to prevent delivery injuries, but any mistakes they make can have serious…

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Top 3 Prenatal Medical Malpractice Errors

A pregnant woman during doctor's appointment.

Expecting a child is an exciting and beautiful experience. You do anything you can to protect your child until birth, but sometimes medical professionals can make serious or fatal errors. If you are a victim, you can receive compensation for your loss by filing a lawsuit with a personal injury attorney. Here are the top…

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Was Your Stroke Caused by a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Chiropractor Adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment may relieve back or neck pain as well as headaches, shoulder pain and more caused by injuries, illness or stress. Chiropractors work to help your body function better by finding a more natural alignment. However, just as with any other medical treatment, risks are involved. This is especially true if your chiropractor…

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Examples of Historical Medical Product Injuries

Medical Malpractice Atlanta GA

Medical products and drugs are often recalled due to patients suffering injuries or other types of harm. However, that doesn’t mean the general public is necessarily made aware of the issue. The manufacturers of these products may take great strides to limit bad publicity. There have also been instances throughout history where medical products caused…

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Have You Been a Victim of Medical Malpractice?

Surgery Errors

Your health and well-being are your most powerful assets. It is important to be conscientious with maintaining a good physical condition. If you are ill or injured, it is natural to seek out the services of a medical professional as soon as possible. The relationship between doctor and patient requires an exorbitant level of trust.…

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Dental Negligence Injuries from Reconstruction Procedures

Dental Malpractice Atlanta GA

If you need dental reconstruction, trusting the dentist to repair damage to your teeth and gums is the primary goal. When patients are left with unnecessary injuries, the dentist may be liable for dental negligence. There are several ways that dental procedures can go wrong, leaving you in potentially permanent pain and discomfort. Misaligned Jaw…

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Risks Associated with Forceps Use During Childbirth

Medical Malpractice Atlanta GA

During childbirth, the delivering doctor may recommend assistance if labor isn’t progressing, the mother is becoming too tired or the baby needs to be delivered quickly. One way to speed up a vaginal delivery is with forceps that cradle the baby’s head and guide it through the birth canal while the mother pushes during a…

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Failure to Diagnose Through Telehealth

Medical Malpractice Atlanta GA

Medical practices have rapidly moved telehealth, or telemedicine, into the mainstream in response to COVID-19. Restrictions from the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) severely curtailed many in-person medical appointments and procedures as a means of slowing the spread of the coronavirus. However, as helpful and convenient as…

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Overprescribing Medications for Elderly Patients

Medication Errors Atlanta GA

Overprescribing medications does not always refer to taking too much of a single drug. Patients with complex medical needs are also at risk of side effects from mixing drugs. When your general practitioner or a healthcare provider in another setting prescribes medications, they have a duty of care to ensure overprescribing does not occur. The…

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